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Web Hosting Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have in recent years become an established method of helping customers better understand the provided service. They are especially helpful in the field of web hosting services.

Helpful web hosting support methods

Web hosting services have been gaining remarkably huge popularity lately due to the increased global interest in setting up websites for both personal and business purposes. Since web hosting plans are available to everyone and in the meantime they are characterized by both general and host-related specificities, it is important that hosts provide their customers with helpful methods for a better understanding of the provided service.

The most popular self-training methods include extensive online documentation reading materials such as FAQ, web hosting glossary, and video tutorials.

Web Hosting Video Tutorials overview

Tutorial videos have proved to be one of the most successful and attention grabbing educative tools online. In the field of all Internet-related services and web hosting, in particular, they are strongly recommended as a quick informative means of teaching variously skilled users.

A web hosting video tutorial may be a simple youtube-type video featuring a speaking person, or may contain a logically ordered sequence of snapshots, displaying what steps the users need to take to perform certain actions in the Control Panel

Web hosting video tutorials basics

A web hosting video tutorial may be focused on general web hosting techniques, or may contain detailed instructions on how to use the services of a particular host. An increasing number of web hosting providers today supply their customers with paid or free video tutorials, either leased, or in-house built, or both.

Thus, with the help of web hosting video tutorials, hosts enable less experienced users to easily ‘catch up with the material' and take better advantage of the supplied hosting services.

How to get a hosting plan with video tutorials

With any NTC Hosting plan available on this website, you will receive a rich set of in-house-built video tutorials featuring illustrative instructions on everything you need to know about using our web hosting services. Our free hosting tutorials will show you in real time how to set up your email or FTP accounts, add new domains and subdomains, request a domain transfer or domain registration, and so much more!

For your greatest convenience, the tutorials are integrated into your Control Panel within a separate ‘Video Tutorials' section and are divided into categories. Simply choose the desired category, select the video matching your need, spare a minute to watch it and start managing your websites easier.