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Set-Up Fee

The service set-up fee is a charge that customers need to cover for the installation of a certain service. In the field of web hosting services, the lack of a set-up fee is one of the key factors that customers take into account when choosing their host.

What is a service set-up fee

The provision of almost any kind of service by a manufacturer usually incurs two basic fees for the customer - a service fee and a set-up fee. For instance, if you order sun blinds for your house, you will be charged one time the value of the blinds and afterwards - a fee for their installation at your place.

Web hosting set-up fee

In the field of Internet services, and web hosting service, in particular, it is also normal to talk about two basic start-up fees for the customer, despite the specific, virtual nature of the offered services. Just like regular distributors of physical goods, web hosting companies have two types of expenses – for covering the cost of the server resources they offer in their web hosting plans and the cost of configuring the hosting plans themselves and packing them with lots of extra services for customers' convenience.

Why a set-up fee?

In the language of web hosting, the set-up fee refers exactly to the initial fee charged by a host to set up a customer's web hosting account for a certain period of time – usually a month or a year. It is a one-time fee that is required of the customer at sign- up. This is due to the specific nature of the web hosting services. Since the host invests many resources and efforts in configuring various plan setups and setting up each newly ordered account in real time – the set-up fee is required as a guarantee that the investments made are worthwhile.

How to get a no set-up fee hosting service

In contrast to the regular service set-up pricing in the web hosting sphere, the plans offered by NTC Hosting do not include any set up fees. Our administrators have optimized the service configuration process to cut off our plan set-up expenses, and thus minimize your hosting service costs, respectively. This way, we have managed to configure set-up-fee-free plans, also coming with a money-back guarantee and not locking you into any long-term contract with our company. All this makes using our services a completely trouble- and risk-free experience.