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Perl modules

The Perl Language

Perl has very powerful text processing functionalities - it was initially designed to handle reports sent by NASA system administrators. It is best utilized in graphics programming, system administration, network programming, CGI programming and applications that require database access. Due to its flexibility and adaptability, Perl is nicknamed "the Swiss Army chainsaw of programming languages".

The CPAN network

Along with the rich array of advantages that make Perl widely preferred programming language among administrators and programmers, what is uniquely valuable is the supported archive of over 15,000 Perl modules and Perl scripts available on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Most software pieces on CPAN are completely free. The CPAN network also acts as an automated software installer. The software on CPAN is divided into 24 different chapters, based on its purpose.

CPAN is also heavily mirrored all over the world - it has more than 260 mirrors in 60 countries, which are updated hourly or daily, depending on the mirror, to always provide users with updated information.

Perl modules

Perl modules are mechanisms enabled to use external libraries of code, allowing a single file to contain common routines used by several programs. Perl modules are always compiled together with the Perl interpreter, and are usually located in several sub-directories.

There are two different styles used for Perl modules - both useful in different circumstances. They are the "exporting style" and the "object oriented style". With a module made in the "exporting style", you can use the functions defined in it as your own. A module made in the "object oriented style", on the other hand, will define a 'class' that knows how to construct 'objects', which perform actions on behalf of the program when their methods are invoked.

Perl modules with NTC Hosting

On our NTC Hosting web servers, Perl modules are installed primarily in /usr/lib/perl5, /usr/local/lib/perl5.8.3, as well as in several other sub-directories. All our clients can check the complete list of installed Perl modules and receive detailed information about our Perl installation by entering the Perl modules link in the Server Information section of their web hosting account's Control Panel.

Perl Modules

With all our web hosting plans you can use more than 3400 Perl modules, already installed on the server. This way, you can use Perl's full potential to design your web page.