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Over 3400 Perl Modules

As one of the most popular programming languages currently existing, Perl lies in the basis of a great number of widely used web modules, more popular as Perl Modules.

What is Perl?

Since it was created in 1987 the Perl programming language has quickly gained popularity among system administrators and programmers for its easy to master syntax, being a compilation of parts of other programming languages such as AWK, C, which makes it easier to use. To this day, Perl remains the top choice for applications that require database access, for graphics and CGI programming.

What are Perl Modules?

Perl is constantly being upgraded both by its original designers and by the huge Perl community of users. While new versions are not released that often, most users simply modify the language themselves, writing the so called 'perl modules' which add additional functionality not present in the current distribution. Such modules are often added due to the great popularity of the scripting language.

Perl Modules with NTC Hosting

We, at NTC Hosting, know how difficult it can be to build a fully functional and interactive website with unique features and that PHP and HTML are often not enough for this to happen. This is why we have added full Perl support with over 3400 additional modules, including XML::Parser, XML::XPath, XML::DOM, XML::XSLT and XML::Simple, to improve the functionality of the distribution and to provide our users with all the tools they need to build the website they have always wanted.

You can view a list of all Perl Modules installed on the server and check out additional information about the Perl distribution we are using from the Server Information section in the Live Stats menu in our web hosting account's Control Panel.