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In an average day, every one of us watches one or two commercials, sees one or two billboards or is subject to other forms of advertising. And an essential part of every ad, something which is always there and which is very important for every corporation is its logo.

A logo represents an image or text with which the company is identified. Logos are designed to be instantly recognized by anyone. They are mostly simple, small images which are in some way connected with the company's name or field of operation. Logos are hard to design, and a good logo can have a huge effect on the company's success. Their small size also adds another layer of complexity to the task, since it restricts the objects a designer can use to create the logo.

Logo designs

As already mentioned, logos are very hard to design. In the case of most major companies, the logo needs to be internationally recognized, which makes it a very tough job for the designer due to the fact that it has to be accepted in every country. A logo designed in an Arabic country cannot contain Arabic letters if it aims for worldwide recognition. This is why most logos represent the so-called "ideograms" (a sign, icon, or a symbol) and are easily recognized worldwide.

A different approach is to use both an ideogram and the company's name in a single logo, in order to achieve greater recognition.

Since logos are the face of the company, a frequent change in design can only turn off the customers, which is why logos are very rarely redesigned, once deemed successful.

Logo colors

A very important part of a logo design is the coloring, since different colors can represent different emotions. A logo in a strong and loud color, such as red or royal blue, is meant to create a strong emotion. For example, red will inspire excitement and green will create associations with a nature-based company. Such logos are designed to be noticed and to stand out.

Soft colors with lower saturation, which will not stand out on a white background, can inspire a sense of security and dependability.

Static and dynamic logos

Logos can be both static and dynamic. A static logo is a logo which will remain the same at all times during the year. A dynamic logo will change in the case of a holiday, a specific event or a new advertising campaign. The changes a dynamic logo goes through are never major, in order to keep the logo recognizable.

Typical examples of dynamic logos are the Google logo - the "Google Doodle", MTV's logo, and the Michelin man, used by Michelin.

The NTC Hosting logo is a classic example of a well designed web hosting logo. The color selection for the logo will make it stand out a bit, and at the same time it will remain a part of the background. It's easily recognizable and also features the name of the company and its slogan.

The logo will remain present on all pages on the website - the index page, the web hosting account, domain name registration and encyclopedia pages. This will allow the visitors to get acquainted with our logo, even if they are here for the first time, and to easily remember and recognize it afterwards.

The actual image represents both a sterilized version of a person, which represents the user, and the way it is shown inspires unity between the person (the red circle) and the technology that we offer - free domain names, a 1-click script installer, stable web hosting servers.