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How to add a TXT record to a domain/subdomain

How to add a custom TXT record to your domain or subdomain - overview

1. To start, you need to log into the Control Panel of your web hosting account first. To do this, click the upper-right Control Panel login link.and enter your web hosting account log-in details in the Members Login form. Next click the 'Login' button to be taken straight to your Control Panel.

2. Now go to the Custom DNS Records section. To do that, mouse to the Custom DNS Records icon in the Site Management section and click it.

3. To register a custom TXT record for your host, select the domain or subdomain for your record from the 'Host' drop-down list.

3.1. Set the TXT record type from the 'Type' drop-down list.

3.2. Then fill the desired TXT record value in the 'Value' field and specify the desired TTL setting.

3.3. Click the 'Add New 'button to successfully create your custom TXT record.

3.4. The green pop-up message will confirm for you that a custom TXT record has been added to your host.

Now you know how to successfully add a custom TXT record to your domain or subdomain in 3 easy steps.