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How to create a mailing list through your Control Panel

How to create a mailing list through your Control Panel - overview

1. First off, you need to log into your web hosting Control Panel. Fill in your account's username and password in the corresponding fields and press the 'Login' button to proceed further.

2. Then click on the Mailing List icon located in the Email Options section. It will take you straight to the Mailing Lists management interface.

3. Here you can fill in the new mailing list address. This will allow your e-mails to be sent to multiple recipients at a time.

3.1. Then type and re-type the administrative password for the mailing list and select the Administrator Email for the mailing list.

The Administrator Email is the email address through which people will be able to subscribe to your mailing list or unsubscribe from it.

3.2. Next click on the Create Mailing List button to apply the changes and see the new list added to the table below.

3.3. If you wish to edit the newly created list, simply click on its corresponding 'Edit' icon in the table. It is possible to change the administrative email address, as well as its username and password.

Well, that's it! Now you know how to easily create a new mailing list through your Control Panel.