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How to log into your mailbox through your Control Panel

How to log into your mailbox through a webmail client - overview

1. First you need to log into your personal web hosting Control Panel. You can access the Members Area through the Control Panel login link in the top right corner. First you need to input your login details - username and password - in the Members Area Login form fields. And then click the login button to proceed to the Control Panel's opening page.

2. In the Control Panel, look for the Webmail icon located in the Email Options section. Click on the icon to open the Webmail interface.

3. In the Webmail interface you have two basic options:

  • to select a particular mailbox from the Email Box menu
  • to list all mailboxes you have set in your account

On the right you can see all Webmail clients that can be used for logging into your mailbox.

You can choose between the popular Horde and RoundCube clients or use our SupremeWebmail solution. The Webmail URL will allow you to access your mailboxes outside the Control Panel.

3.1. To log into your mailbox via webmail, click on the preferred webmail client's link.

3.2. If you need to check your mailbox folders, click on the 'Folders' icon. 

3.3. If you wish to write a new email, click on 'Compose'.

3.4. To log out of the mailbox, use the 'Exit' button.

And that's it! Now you know how to log into your mailboxes through a preferred webmail client.