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How to delete FTP account

How to delete FTP account using the FTP Manager tool - Overview

1. First off, you must log into the Control Panel of your personal web hosting account.

To do that, mouse up to the Control Panel link in the upper right corner and fill your log-in credentials in the Members Login Area form.

That would be your username and password.Click the Login button to go straight to your Control Panel.

2. The second step is to log into the FTP Manager. To do that move your cursor to the FTP Manager icon and click it to open the FTP Manager interface.

3. Once in the FTP Manager section, note that there is no option to delete the default FTP account of your hosting account. This is done for security reasons.

To delete any of the other FTP accounts - click on the Delete icon next to the FTP account you do not need anymore. Then click OK to delete your FTP account.

The green pop-up message will confirm for you that the FTP account has been deleted successfully.

You have just completed all necessary steps for deleting an FTP account from your web hosting Control Panel.