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How to install an FTP server

How to install a free FTP server software on Windows - Overview

1. The first step of the FTP server installation process is to agree to the GNU General Public License.

Then, you must choose the FTP server installation type from the drop-down menu and the components you want to install from the checkbox list right under the drop-down menu.

Click on the Next button to proceed to the next step.

2. Next specify the destination folder for the FileZilla FTP server. You can select the folder directly from a list using the Browse button.

3. It is important that you choose how the server should be started from the drop-down list.

The default intallation option is to install the server as a system service. This will start your FTP server automatically everytime you start your PC.

4. The last option is to set the server as a non-system service that is started automatically. This option is generally not recommended.

You also have an option to choose a port for the FileZilla Server Admin interface. Then hit the Next button to proceed to the final step.

5. To complete the FTP server installation select the startup action for your FileZilla Server. Press the Install button and allow a few seconds for the FileZilla server installation to complete. When done, click the Close button.

After the installation completion, a pop-up FileZilla FTP server administation panel will allow you to proceed with your FTP server configuration.

That's it. Now you know how to install a FileZilla FTP Server on your Windows Vista PC.