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How to upload files with an FTP client

How to upload files using an FTP client - Overview

1. Open your FTP client and then enter the address of the FTP server that you will upload your files to in the corresponding host field. In our example video we use the free, open source, cross-platform FileZilla FTP client.

To access the FTP server you will need to enter the FTP account username and then the corresponding FTP password.

Next, specify the default FTP port value (port 21) in the Port field.

Then click the Quickconnect button to establish an FTP connection with your FTP server.

You have just learnt how to establish an FTP connection with your FTP host.

2. Once connected, you will see all folders located on the remote server in the right-hand section of your FTP client. To select a folder - double click on its name. On the left side you will see all files stored on your PC locally.

3. To start transferring data from your local PC to your web hosting account's FTP server you need to just drag the files or folders from the left-hand panel to their destination directory on the right.

Once the transfer is started you will be able to check the current transfer status of your upload queue in the bottom area of the your FTP client.

You can also see counters for you Queued files, failed transfers and successful transfers.

4. To terminate the ongoing data transfer at any time you can cancel the FTP connection. Note that your file transfer queue will be saved and will be processed at a later time.

That's it. You have just learnt how to upload files with your FTP Client.