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How to change a PgSQL database password

How to change your PgSQL database password - overview

1. To change the PgSQL database password, you need to first access your web hosting Control Panel. To do that - click on the Control Panel log-in link. Then fill in your account's username and password in the Members Area login form and hit the 'Login' button to go straight to your Control Panel.

2. Once logged in, click on the PostgreSQL Databases icon to open the PostgreSQL Databases section.

3. To change your PostgreSQL database password you need to click on the Change Password icon.

3.1. Then type and re-type your new password in the first and the second password fields, respectively.

3.2. When ready click on the Change SQL Password button to save the changes.

3.3. The green pop-up message will inform you that your PostgreSQL database password has been changed successfully.

Now you know how to change your PgSQL database password in 3 easy steps.