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How to generate a CSR request through your Control Panel

How to generate a CSR request through your Control Panel

Generating a CSR request to get an SSL Certificate for your website takes a few easy to follow steps:

1. To start you will have to log into your web hosting Control Panel first. You can do that through the Control Panel link in the top-right corner of your screen. Next enter your login details in the members login area fields. Next click the Login button to open your Control Panel.

2. After logging into your Control Panel, you should navigate to the SSL Certificate Requests section. To do that, click on the SSL Certificate Requests icon located in the Site Management section.

A CSR request is necessary for obtaining a signature by a Certificate Authority when applying SSL certificate to your website(s).

3. To start the procedure, enter the name of your organization in the Organization Name field.

Next - specify the Organization Unit in the second field. Select your country from the drop-down list. Next type in the city where your ogranization is located. Specify the domain name that the SSL certificate will be issued for. Last, type in your email address in the email field. It is very important that you input a valid email address where you will be contacted by your Certificate Authority.

After filling out all CSR generation form fields, clilck on the Generate Request button.

4. As soon as your Certificate Request has been generated you will be able to view or download it, using the View Certificate and Download Certificate on the right. You can also view or download the Private Key.

Now you know how to successfully create an SSL Signing Request.