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How to set Custom Error Pages

How to set Custom Error Pages through your Control Panel

To do this you will need to complete 3 simple steps: log into your Control Panel, open the 'Subdomain Manager' and set the desired custom error page.

1. First you need to log into your web hosting Control Panel. You can do this through the Control Panel log-in link located in the top right corner of your screen. Enter your web hosting details in the Members Area Login fields. Next hit the Login button to go straight to your Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel home page, look for the Subdomain Manager icon located in the Site Management section. Click on the icon to open the Subdomain Manager.

3. You are now in the subdomain management interface listing all domains and subdomains currently hosted in your web hosting account. Select a domain that you wish to set custom error pages for and then click on the Edit icon.

In the Edit Subdomain interface you will see several options for setting your custom error pages for the selected host.

They will come up in place of the generic error pages.

3.1. To customize the Error 400 page - select Custom URL from the drop-down menu and specify the name of the file that you have created to replace the default error message.

Repeat the procedure with the other error pages, that you want to customize. But make sure that you input the correct file path in the form.

One tip from us - specify the error type in the name of your custom error page files to avoid any possible confusion in the future.

3.2. As soon as you are ready setting all custom error pages, click on the Apply button to save all changes. A green pop-up message will confirm for you that the settings have been modified successfully and will be reflected online within 10 minutes.

Now you know how to set custom error pages for a domain or subdomain.