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How to check your Disk Space usage

How to check the Disk Space usage for your web hosting account from your Control Panel

1. First log into your Control Panel. You can do that by clicking the Control Panel log-in link located in the upper right corner of the screen. Next enter your login details in the Members Area Login form. Then click the Login button to go straight to your Control Panel.

2. Navigate to the Account Usage section of your web hosting Control Panel. There You will see a variety of options for managing your account resources. To keep track of your account usage you should check the Account Usage table in the left-hand sidebar. There you can see your current disk usage level in the Storage MB row. You can see how many MegaBytes of disk space you have used, and how much you have left.

3. You can also keep track of your disk space usage levels through the File Manager tool. Once you log into your File Manager, look at the grey progress bar located in the top right corner of the file manipulation panel. It indicates the disk space usage in two ways - in megabytes (right above the disk usage progress bar) and in percents (in the progress bar itself).

If you find you are close to your disk space limit - you can increase your disk space quota at anytime to ensure the smooth functioning of your web hosting account. You can do this by using the Buy More Space link.

Well. That's it. Now you know how to monitor the Disk Space usage for your web hosting account.