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DNS check

When dealing with website management, there are times when you are simply not sure what your DNS settings are. And to save you the need for checking with your host, there are several tools which can allow you to check your DNS from anywhere.

DNS check

By performing a DNS check domain owners can obtain useful information about the DNS delegation and DNS server entries for their particular domain name(s). You may need to use DNS check tools for various purposes such as verifying the status of your domain's delegated DNS servers and whether they serve the correct DNS zone. It can also help you check if your hosting service is functioning and your WWW server - running. You can also test if your mail server is receiving emails and whether your mail servers are reachable across the Internet.

DNS Tools

There are two types of DNS tools, which can be used for making a DNS check - online based and personal. The online based DNS tools will allow you to check your DNS settings from various online locations. This is a great advantage, since you will be able to see how your domain name resolves from different web servers. The personal DNS tools are tools, which are located on your personal computer. They have the advantage of being much more detailed, since they can be customized to provide just the needed information. They also are not dependent on your Internet connection and are much faster than the online based DNS tools.

The response to each DNS check request through a good DNS check tool represents a detailed and easy to read report, containing an overview of your domain name's DNS status. Most DNS check tools are easy to use and only require that you enter your domain name (the alpha-numeric name of your website) and hit the action button. The more advanced tools also offer a simultaneous DNS check of several domains.

DNS check with NTC Hosting

With the NTC Hosting web hosting Control Panel you can very quickly check if you are using the correct DNS settings needed for your domain to be hosted on our servers. Simply look for the green tick icon next to the domain name in the Hosted Domains section. If, instead, you see a red cross icon, this means that your name servers are pointed somewhere else and your domain name is still not available on NTC's web hosting servers.