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DNS Service

Domain names are very popular and highly recommended as a service for people searching for their place on the World Wide Web, but rarely do we think what stays behind their availability online. Internet users owe this great privilege to name their websites the way they like, instead of using the websites' real numeric addresses (IP addresses), to the DNS service.

The DNS System

The main function of the DNS service is to translate each domain name registered by a user through a domain registration provider to its corresponding IP address. In other words, this service allows all of us to refer to the numeric system-side names of the websites (popular as IP addresses) via easy-to-remember alpha-numeric titles (domain names).

Thanks to the DNS services we do not need to try to memorize any complicated lines of digits (an IP address can be To find a certain website we only need to type the website's domain name in the browser's address bar and wait for the DNS server to find the IP address match for that domain.

The DNS Service

And while the DNS system is a theoretical concept, the DNS service is the practical implementation. The DNS service is what a server running DNS software offers - the ability to use and manage DNS settings. Today, the DNS service is a very popular offer, with almost every domain registrar company offering their own DNS service. The DNS service can be run on a separate server, which is effective if running a very large and popular website, and can also be run on a shared hosting server, which is sufficient in 90% of the cases.

Basics of DNS resolving with cache

Basics of DNS resolving with cache

DNS Service with NTC Hosting

NTC Hosting's server network has been thoroughly tested in order to provide a quality DNS service. With each of our web hosting plans, our clients can take advantage of our powerful DNS management system - via the Web Hosting Control Panel one can change all custom DNS records, and with our powerful DNS management tool a client can register his own name servers.