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DNS - Domain Name System

The World Wide Web that we know today would have not existed, if it was not for the Domain Name System. Every day when you go online and open a website, the Domain Name System is the backend, which helps you see the website you want.

What is DNS?

What does actually stand behind that almighty 3-letter abbreviation - DNS? DNS refers to Domain Name System and represents a powerful Internet technology for converting domain names to IP addresses. Its special mission is to be a mediator between the IP addresses, the system-side names of the websites and their respective domains, and their user-side alpha-numeric titles. Another important function of the DNS is to control the delivery of email messages. .

Behind every site, there is an IP address. But, while it's easy to remember the name of a website, it's quite hard to remember the exact IP address. For example, everybody knows about Google.com, but if you had to remember "", things would have been much harder.

An example:

Clear/flush the DNS cache in Linux
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd restart
Clear/flush the DNS cache in Mac OS X Leopard
dscacheutil -flushcache
Clear/flush the DNS cache in Mac OS X (older versions)
sudo killall lookupd lookupd -flushcache
Clear/flush the DNS cache in Microsoft Windows XP
1. click on: Start -> Run -> type cmd
2. in command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns

How does DNS work?

A DNS program works like this - every time a domain name is typed in a browser it is automatically passed on to a DNS server, which translates the name into its corresponding IP address (e.g. the domain name NTC Hosting.com is translated to Thanks to the DNS, we do not need to bother to remember complicated numeric combinations to reach a certain website - we can use its meaningful and much easier to remember domain name instead.

Hierarchy of domain names

Hierarchy of domain names

DNS management with NTC Hosting

Without the DNS in action, no website can operate online. Websites are connected with the DNS through certain DNS settings assigned to their domain names by their registrars/hosts. Each domain name registered with NTC Hosting comes with a complete set of DNS records: A, NS, MX, which you can easily manage from the user-friendly web hosting Control Panel. Along with these records, you can easily set AAAA, TXT, SRV and CNAME records for your domain name from the Control Panel.