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Multiple DNS

The DNS system is an essential part of the normal functioning of the Internet as we know it today, doing the hard part of converting the human-readable and easy to remember domain names to IP addresses and placing them on the correct hosting servers. And an essential part of placing the domain on the correct server plays the Name Server (NS) record.

Name Server records

The name server records are vital for a domain name - they specify the hosting server the domain name is located on. They are defined with "NS" in a DNS zone. Each domain name must have at least two NS records, and each NS record must have an IP address assigned to it, in order to be working properly. The NS records are usually the first records specified in a DNS zone, right after the SOA. For new domain registrations, the NS records are usually automatically provided and set to the default DNS records of the respective registrar.

An NS record change usually takes about 24 hours to propagate worldwide and will affect the domain's availability online, so NS changes are recommended only if you know what you are doing.

Multiple DNS records

Having more than one name server (a DNS record type) set to your domain name provides redundancy, and works for ensuring your website's availability at all times. If, for some reason, your primary name server cannot be reached at a given time, your visitor's DNS resolution request is routed to the secondary server set for your domain. If, however, this one is unreachable too, the request is routed down the whole chain of name servers until the requested IP address matching the domain name your visitor types in the address bar is located by the DNS server.

At NTC Hosting we offer two NS servers, which is more than enough in 99% of the cases. If, for some reason, the primary name server has a problem, the secondary name server kicks in, allowing us to guarantee a 99.9% uptime for your website.

An example with NTCHosting's primary and secondary DNS'es


Multiple Custom DNS Records

For a name server to be highly effective it must support multiple common resource record types such as A, MX, NS, CNAME, as well as less popular but as much useful ones such as the AAAA, SRV and the TXT records.

An example with NTCHosting's Custom DNS Records


With the hosting plans provided by NTC Hosting you can rely on multiple DNS services of highest quality. We set a primary and a secondary name server to each domain you host with us and also offer a DNS management interface for controlling all of your domains' Custom DNS records, including Custom MX and A records, CNAME, NS, AAAA, TXT, SRV records.