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Custom MX and A records

Managing the DNS records for a domain name is one of the basic options that a contemporary hosting service must provide to domain owners. The possibility to edit the domains' A and MX records, in particular, is the most crucial part of the DNS management functionality offered by the hosts. It is important that this control option is offered through a user-friendly graphic admin interface, so that both webmasters and technically inexperienced users could take advantage of the flexibility it offers.

Custom A Record

With the progress of the web hosting services now the webmasters need advanced control over the Custom DNS Record settings. By changing the DNS host record - the A record, they are empowered to point their domain or host name to a static IP address of their choice. This way they can direct the web traffic of a website to another location, usually a remote server, by simply specifying its corresponding IP address in the DNS management panel provided by their particular host. If you need to get more detailed information about how to point your DNS host record, please visit the corresponding article in the DNS section of our web hosting encyclopedia.

Custom MX Record

The custom MX record control option is useful in cases when domain owners want all incoming emails to be processed by an external mail server instead of the built-in mail system of their hosted email provider. This is possible due to the MX records' capability of instructing the mail servers how email should be routed and to which destination. By pointing the MX records to an external mailing system, the webmaster can utilize his own custom setup SMTP server. This can be done for various reasons and will allow sending of a great number of e-mails to large community mailing lists.

Custom DNS Management

Through the multi-featured Custom DNS Records management interface integrated into the Control Panel of all the web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting, users can have full control not only over their domains' MX and A records, but also over other important resource records such as the NS, AAAA, TXT, SRV, etc. records.

How to create a custom DNS record via the Control Panel provided by NTC Hosting

To apply a change to any of these records simply select the name of the host needing a DNS update, choose the DNS record type from the drop-down menu, specify the necessary value (IP address, hostname, etc.) in the 'Value' field, hit the 'Add New' button and allow a few minutes for the update to be reflected online.

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