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Hosted Email

Despite the variety of free Webmail applications available on the Internet today, the convenience of using your own hosted email software is just unbeatable.

What is a Hosted Email?

The Hosted Email web service usually offers a premium email solution in comparison with the free, website-like email services. The Hosted Email service is often provided by a hosting company or an Internet service provider (ISP), and usually allows the customers to create a number of mailboxes hosted under their own domain.

The Hosted Email's main benefits over the Free Email

The Free Email services now are more popular than ever. They allow every single person to have their own e-mail address. Most free email services are accessible at the provider’s website through a web-based interface. Unfortunately, the free email providers don't guarantee the security and the reliability of the services they provide, there is no technical support for the end customers and the client is forced to agree with the service as it is. These are some of the disadvantages of the Free Email service which makes it unsuitable for business email correspondence.

The Hosted Email service, also known as Email Hosting, has many benefits over the Free Email service. Running your personal or business e-correspondence on a hosting server of your choice gives you independence and much higher levels or reliability and security than the free email services could ensure. Moreover, the hosted email services are usually fully packed with an arsenal of email management tools helping you to manage all the aspects of your online communication with friends and business partners round the clock.

The advanced and user-friendly email services are an important part of the web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting. Through the recently upgraded real-time E-mail Manager integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel included in each NTC Hosting plan, you will have total control over your email addresses. You can create multiple independent mailboxes for each hosted domain in your hosting account, have them configured automatically with Outlook or Outlook Express and manage them separately or altogether according to your needs.

How to set up a Hosted Email account

In order to set up a hosted email you need an account with some hosted email provider. Most often, your mail provider is your web hosting company. This allows you to create a number of POP3/IMAP accounts hosted under your own domain. Also, it gives you full control over all your emails through your Web Hosting Control Panel interface.

NTC Hosting is a premium hosting provider, which gives its clients one of the best email solutions available. You will hardly find something missing in the email management features coming with our E-mail Manager. To boost the security of your mailboxes you can use the Email Filters, the Anti-Virus protection and the SPF protection tools; to set up automatic responses to incoming messages you will need the Auto-responder email service and to direct those messages to another internal/external mailbox you should take advantage of our Email Forwarding functionality. To send solicited email messages regularly to multiple recipients at a time - use our Mailing Lists Manager.

In addition, each of your hosted email boxes will have their Webmail equivalent, which will allow you to check your email at any time even if you do not have your favorite email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) set on the computer you are using at the moment.