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In order to use email services without having to set up a separate lemail client, you need an email hosting provider, which offers Webmail access.

Free Webmail Service

Although there are many websites offering email services via a web email interface, they usually do not allow you to create an email account with a domain name of your choice. What's more, their services seldom live up to users' expectations as far as quality and security are concerned. The size of the mailbox itself and the number of emails sent per day are also strictly limited. The Webmail clients offered by the free email providers often contain banners and ads, which disturb your work.

High-quality Webmail Service

Unlike these email providers, NTC Hosting offers high quality email hosting and access to some of the most popular web email clients. Each of our web hosting plans allows you to create an email account with a domain name of your choice, for example: mail@my-best-domain.com. Beside the standard POP3 and IMAP protocols, NTC Hosting offers the Roundube Webmail client for you to access your mailbox. To access the webmail client, simply go to the Webmail section of the Email Manager, select the mailbox that you want to open and then click on the RoundCube image to the right.

Check your mail online, using NTC Hositing's Webmail clients

By choosing the most suitable Webmail client for your needs, you receive access to each of your mailboxes via a clear and easy to use interface, which allows you to send, receive, forward and reply to email messages via a stable and secure connection.