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Disk Space

If you are looking to find a place for your new website on the Internet, you should definitely be familiar with what disk space refers to. Along with data transfer, disk space ranks among the most crucial web resources for running your personal or business online presence. Those are the features that no website on the Internet can go without and they are the basic elements of web hosting - the service you need to start a website on the WWW. The volume of your website's files predefines the amount of disk space that you should search for and the web hosting plan configuration you need to buy, respectively. We, at NTC Hosting, are offering you a wide variety of plans with disk space quota for all of your needs.

Disk Space

As a web hosting plan feature, 'disk space' can be found under many names such as 'disc space', 'storage size', 'data storage', 'data space', 'storage space', 'storage room' etc. It indicates the total volume of the contents (text documents, images, multi-media files) that you can upload to a certain server, which you share with other users (shared hosting) or use on your own (dedicated hosting). To estimate the amount of storage you need online, you should first check out how much disk space your web page requires on your PC. Then you need to allow for some extra space (as much as the actual needs) to accommodate your future site contents as well. Now you are ready to select the web hosting plan that will suit your requirements best.

How much disk space do I need?

When building your website, you will see that all the files for it must be connected – both image and audio files. In order for the site to load quickly, they should all be present in the same folder and in the same hosting server. And here is where the disk space comes – this is where you store all of your files. However, besides the space occupied by all the web files, such as media files (images – JPG, PNG, GIF), audio files and files containing the web page's content, there are several hidden files. Such files are the database files – they are in charge of keeping vital information for your website. If you are running a blog, for example, all of your blog posts and comments will be kept and organized in a database. This is why, when creating a website on your local computer and deciding how much disk space you need, you should always leave as much space as your site is currently using for both future expansion and hidden files.

At NTC Hosting, the disk space and the database space are separated, in order to give the user a better idea of his current usage. This way, if he is using too much of the disk space, he can upgrade just the disk space, and leave the database storage space intact, or the other way around.

Disk Space with NTC Hosting

The disk space quotas of the web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting can match any online demands. You can host with us anything from a regular Joomla based website to an advanced corporate portal. In addition, each plan offers plenty of extra space to accommodate your growing online presence. The disk space on our web servers is measured in megabytes (MB). In our Control Panel you can view the disk space that you are currently using at any time in the top right corner of the File Manager section.

How to check the current disk usage in the control panel provided by NTC Hosting

Additionally, you can check the disk space used in the Account Usage table, located on the left side of the Control Panel.

If, at any point, you decide that your disk space needs have grown beyond what your current plan offers, you can always purchase a disk space upgrade or move to a more elaborate plan and receive an increased disk space quota.