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Extensive Online Documentation

By ensuring extensive online documentation for their customers, hosting providers can help them easily learn the basics of web hosting and use the provided resources more efficiently.

Helpful web hosting support methods

Web hosting ranks among the most widely popular and accessible services on the Internet today. A growing number of users realize how important it is to have a website on the web and that it can be obtained through a web hosting service at hand. However, the majority of newly signed up users are not experienced enough to start using the provided services easily. With that said, it is important that hosts provide users with self-training tools such as video tutorials or extensive online documentation files that will help users easily get into the basics of web hosting.

Extensive online documentation overview

Coupling web hosting plans with reading materials bundled up in a specific, user-friendly, extensive online documentation form is considered as one of the service set-up priorities for hosts today. In addition to working for the user-friendliness of their services, the availability of comprehensive information on how they work gives hosts a competitive advantage on the cutthroat hosting market. Apart from providing generous volumes of server resources (and quality customer service), hosts are competing with each other by offering user-friendly tutorials to customers.

How to get a hosting plan with extensive online documentation

The hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting on this website are equipped with Extensive Online Documentation materials, which will help all of you to easily get in tune with the basics of web hosting and with our web hosting services, in particular. They are all integrated into the web hosting Control Panel in two basic forms – as a general FAQ section divided into multiple categories, and as informative Show/Hide help panels attached to every single Control Panel section.

The evenly distributed extensive online documentation materials will supply you with helpful how-to-do-this instructions in every step of your way around the Control Panel, while the FAQ section will help you find a possible answer to a problem before contacting our 24/7 customer support team. Remember that all plans are backed by a 1-hour Support Response Guarantee, so you can turn to our customer service team for assistance, in case that you do not find the answer to your question in our database.