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Popularity Check Tool

When your website goes online, it becomes a part of the virtual society. If it stays isolated and does not communicate with other sites, it will be considered an outsider, just like an anti-social person in our normal society would. For your website to be sociable and get a positive image online it will need to exchange links with other sites. The more incoming links you have to your web pages, the more popular your site will be. To measure the success of your site you will need to use a popularity check tool.

What is website popularity?

The popularity check tool is originally known as a link popularity check tool. The links that other websites make to the index of your site or to certain internal pages of your site are considered as acts of positive voting for you. When a site owner decides to make a link to your website, it is clear that they have found your webpages relevant to their content and worth visiting for more information on what they offer. By linking their website contents with yours they actually pass a vote of confidence for you.

This gets very high credits by most search engines that count and weigh the votes (incoming links) you receive to calculate the popularity of your website and define its page rank and hence its search engine ranking. The higher your site link popularity is, the higher your page rank and search engine visibility are. Search engines consider two main parameters in calculating the popularity – how many links you receive and what is the popularity/ranking of the websites making those links to you. Sometimes one link from a highly ranked website is worth tens of links from less popular sites.

Popularity check tool use

The popularity of your site as measured by search engines is displayed in the form of a page rank that can be checked through your browser. However, to get more information about all your incoming links, including what sites they are from, you will need to use special popularity check software. Luckily, there are many free popularity check tools online that can help you find out what is the popularity of your website at any given moment.

Popularity check tool information

The popularity check tools available online are intended to give you a detailed report on all incoming links to your website and help you compare your popularity status with that of your competitors. They have both an informative and strategy building function. On the basis of the information they report, you will be able to better understand your audience and figure out ways to improve your contents to better suit its expectations.

In a nutshell, this is the information that you can get from a popularity check tool:

  • The total number of pages containing links to your site. Those links may include both links from external pages and links from pages within your own website (crosslinks)

  • Which pages of your site are attracting most of the inbound traffic. By seeing which exact pages receive the biggest number of incoming links, you will actually understand which part of your website is given the highest credit. This will help you put your marketing efforts in the right direction – working to supplement the contents of the most visited pages and to build strategies for improving the visibility of the less popular pages.

  • Information about the sites linking to your pages. You can go to the sites sending links to your pages and check their popularity status (page ranking) to find out the quality of the traffic they bring to you.

  • The popularity status of a competitor’s site. You are free to check the page ranking of your competitors as well and thus learn how they are assessed by search engines. If they show good popularity results, then you can investigate the sites linking to them. This will give you valuable information about the sites you need to seek referral traffic from.