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1-Hour Support Response Guarantee

When talking about web hosting services - it's all about speed and timeliness. A quality hosting services so that the customer can take immediate advantage of the allocated server resources such as disk space, data transfer, etc.

The importance of a fast customer service

Due to the lack of time gap between the generation and delivery of web hosting server resources to customers, they can make use of any plan feature the very second they need it. The instant delivery nature of server resources requires that they be backed up by a fast customer support service with a short support response guarantee period. This way, customers will be able to make use of the allocated resources efficiently, without any inconvenient delays in the event of a problem.

Ticket/email support response guarantee

Some of the web hosting support methods such as Live Chat and phone support allow for a real-time support response. Other methods like email and integrated ticketing system are related to longer support response guarantees since the information exchange process via email communication is technically more time-consuming.

Nevertheless, emails and tickets are considered as more advanced support channels, since they allow the customers to explain in greater detail the problem they are experiencing, inserting illustrative examples or attaching additional information that would help the support team provide an efficient solution. The more time the customer dedicates to explicating the issue in an email or ticket, the more relevant and faster the support response will be.

1-hour response guarantee hosting services

As far as web hosting services are concerned, it has been estimated that the optimal average support response time should be between 1-5 hours. All web hosting plans on this website come with a 1-hour support response guarantee for all support requests sent via email or through the Control Panel integrated ticketing system.

Your email or ticket will be received immediately and attended by an assigned technician or sales person at their earliest convenience. The more details you provide in your ticket or email, the more certain it will be that the 1-hour support response guarantee will be cut down to several minutes, beyond busy times.