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Videos / Movies

When the first web pages were put online, they consisted just of HTML code, and presented the visitor with static content and a pretty simple layout. With time, and with the technology advances, which followed in later years, the web page design was also able to evolve to a higher stage and offer the visitor more complex web pages with different designs, layouts and dynamic content. Slowly, different types of media, besides text, were incorporated into the web page design, such as images and audio. And today, we have reached the stage where almost everybody can freely watch a movie or a video clip directly online.

Online videos and movies

The video and movie recording industry has existed for a very long time, starting in the 1890s with the first movies ever recorded. With the technology advances, in the last years video recorders became widely available and almost everybody was able to record a short video. However, even when digital cameras were first introduced, movie sharing was not that popular, since it had to be done in a physical manner, i.e. you had to give someone your VHS tape or your CD in order for them to watch the video. When the Internet became popular, movie sharing got a bit easier, since you could upload your video online and then download it later.

However, the true progress in this matter was the ability to stream videos directly online. This way, you could upload a video clip online and everybody could watch it straight from your website

Movie portals

The ability to share movies and videos via streaming has, in a way, revolutionized the Internet. With the low price of today's camcorders, everybody can record a simple video or movie clip and then share it online. This makes the creation of a home news portal or a video blog extremely easy - if before you had to pay your local television channel in order to have some air time, today all you need is a web hosting account and a domain name for your website. From there on, you can start sharing your videos with the world.

Movie portals have become very popular these days and are one of the most visited places online. Places, such as YouTube, attract more visitors than most of the regular news portals every day. Most CMS solutions have special templates prepared for movie and video portals. And with a suitable CMS hosting, you can rest assured for the functionality of your video-enabled website

Video Blogs

Video or movie blogs (also known as "vlogs") appeared soon after the YouTube, which allows video embedding. Bloggers have got popular over the last years and blogs are being ranked very high by the search engines, since they are showing the individuals' point of view and a lot of people have started using blogs instead of forums, since they gave them the liberty to express their own opinion without moderation.

Video blogs give users the option to add their own video recordings, or video comment on other videos, or make video reviews and tutorials, and thus have quickly become a valuable source of information. And with the help of a blog script, such as WordPress, and a script installer, which can save you a lot of work, launching a video blog can happen in less than 10 minutes.