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Free Website Template

With a free website template at hand you will be able to set up your own fully functional website in a matter of minutes. It will save you tons of time and money needed to project and develop your site and design its layout.

Ready made website setup solutions

All websites we see online today are competing to offer an attractive and intuitive experience to their visitors. To achieve satisfactory look& feel results website owners put lots of efforts in designing the visual part and programming the functional part of their sites. Thanks to the growingly popular ready made solutions for creating websites like turn-key website templates and open-source scripts, website owners can launch their dream web presence with a minimum of efforts time. The website templates, in particular, can help you get a really nice looking website with just a few clicks of your mouse and can give you a great freedom in setting up the back-end of your site.

What is a turn-key website template?

Behind the visually appealing front-end look of your website are hidden blocks of complicated code, defining absolutely every webpage layout detail, from the color of the text links to the position of the images on the screen. Taking care of all this requires good web design and programming skills combined with long hours of drawing, coding and testing the final results. Furthermore, if you do not own those skills, you will need to hire a specialist to do all that for you, which may cost you a world of money.

This is why the turn-key website template solution has been invented and made widely accessible on the web. With such a template at hand you get all the page code written for you by a specialist and all you will need to do is just select a template to your taste and install in on your site through a user-interface.

Why you need a website template

To make a website template work for your particular project you will need to just add some unique content to its pre-defined pages. Furthermore, most templates offered on the web support many customization options, so you can tune their original layout to your own style requirements. For instance, you may be given the option to select the template's main color scheme from a set of pre-defined options, or customize the color of the separate layout elements like links, menu bars, background, etc. individually.

Most templates also offer a possibility for you to integrate your own images and even integrate your unique logo banner. So, although named 'templates', those design solutions provide a really highly customizable way for you to create your unique website.

How to use a website template

Website templates can be used by both beginners and technically experienced users. The layout design solution they provide can be used for displaying the contents of a simple website, like an individual profile or an informative business page. Since such simple sites contain static contents only, like text, images and links, it will be enough for you to manage them using a single turn-key website template of your choice.

Meanwhile, more advanced users can use website templates as a front-end design solution for their dynamic website projects. The template will help programmers achieve a professionally looking design for the website they develop, so they can have more time to concentrate on the functional back-end part of their project. Most website templates can be easily integrated into any type of programming background or platform, regardless of the scripting and database solutions used, which makes them truly universal.

How to get a free website template

There are many places online from where you can get a turn-key website template, either free or paid, for your personal or business online needs. Some of the templates are offered individually, others come as a part of another service, for instance a web hosting package. Most of the web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting are equipped with a free website template option. You will be able to select a template that matches your particular website theme and layout requirements and manage it directly from the place you manage your overall web presence - your web hosting Control Panel.