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Online Website Builder

With its cheap web hosting plans NTC Hosting offers a FREE web design tool. Our Online Website Builder software is suitable for all kinds of customers.

What is the Online Website Builder?

The Online Website Builder is a simple-to-use website design and HTML generation tool. By offering a large number of design templates and an easy-to-use interface, this powerful tool allows even a complete novice to create a beautiful, unique and professional-looking website in 10 to 15 minutes.

Special skills needed to create a website

There is no need for you to possess any special web design skills or HTML programming knowledge. You just need to follow the step-by-step wizard and your website will be online in a matter of minutes. Also, with our Online Website Builder tool you can customize the appearance of your pages by setting different color schemes and layouts. By using the provided Image Uploader you can also add custom images to your web project.

How to get the Online Website Builder

Provided as a free gift with our Value, Plus and Exclusive packages, the Online Website Builder is integrated in the web hosting Control Panel so you dont need to install any third party software, or to upload files and themes by using FTP client or other file transfer tools.

If you are using our CMS Hosting plans which offer an instant free PHP script installation, you can get the Online Website Builder as an upgrade. Just navigate to the Upgrade Plan section of your Joomla,WordPress, eLearning or 4images plan account, and select the Online Website Builder from the menu. Once your order is verified, you'll see the Online Website Builder icon activated in your web hosting Control Panel.

Why use the Online Website Builder?

Our Online Website Builder offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step website setup. With over 70 customizable website templates, many different layouts and fully customizable color schemes, the Online Website Builder provides unlimited options for creating a professional-looking unique website. Another advantage over other simple HTML generating software tools is the way the content is stored. In order to provide more flexibility for our customers, our website builder stores the content separately from the layout. This way, our clients can make changes or can completely replace the graphic design layout of their websites, while all the content and information will stay the same.

Moreover, all the information is stored at the very moment, so if you decide to log out of the Online Website Builder, you can continue to build your website from where you left off. Once you've finished building your website you can publish it with just 1 click. But even then you can continue to edit it. Once finished, you can instantly update the online version of the website and apply the changes youve made by pressing the Publish button again.