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FTP Client

What is the FTP Client?

The File Transfer Protocol, more popular among Internet users as FTP, is one of the fundamental network protocols enabling the migration of files between distant machines. It supports the simultaneous transfer of huge data volumes from a PC to a server and vice versa, giving users strong reasons why the Internet has become so flexible today.

The FTP service is using the client-server network model. The client typically is an end-user PC or mobile device which has network software applications installed and which requests and receives information over the network. The server itself is a higher-powered device which stores files and databases and which provides the information/service requested by the client. The FTP client is the software application which enables your PC to use an FTP connection to transfer files over the Internet, whereas the FTP Server is the host which provides you with the FTP service and which is where you can upload or download your files.

How to install an FTP client

Installing an FTP client is not that complicated process. Depending on your operating system there are several ways for installing an FTP client.

FTP client installation on a Linux host

For all Linux users there are several ways to obtain FTP Client software. You can compile an FTP client from the source or use the package manager for the current distribution. If you are using Ubuntu you can use the Synaptic package manager and install some of the offered FTP clients.

An example of FTP clients offered for Ubuntu

FTP clients offered for Ubuntu

Also, there is an option to install an FTP client by using the 'apt-get' command. To do so, open a terminal window and execute the following command:

An example of installing gFTP in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install gftp

Install an FTP client on Windows

If you are a Windows user, then you have to choose from a great number of FTP clients. There are many commercial products which provide an extended functionality, but also there are free FTP solutions provided with a GPL license. No matter which FTP client you decide to install, all of them provide a wizard-based interface which will guide you during the installation process.

An example of the FileZilla installation wizard

FileZilla installation wizard

How to use an FTP client for file transfer purposes

Despite the variety of FTP clients distributed online, they are all characterized by simplicity of design and maximum focus on the contents of the machines participating in the data transfer process. FTP clients' main function is to establish a computer-server connection and allow the user to perform file transfer actions between the two connecting machines.

To connect with a server users need to do just two things - specify the destination server in the corresponding 'hostname' field of the FTP client and enter their FTP login credentials to prove that they have been granted access to that specific server by their host. Once the connection is set - they can start the file manipulation process.

The easiest way for users to gain FTP client access to a certain server is through the services of a web hosting provider. The fully packed hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting offer users an easy to use FTP Manager, integrated into the Control Panel, allowing them to set up multiple unique FTP accounts for one and the same host or for separate hosts. We give users the freedom to choose the FTP client software that they wish to use to take advantage of the unlimited access possibilities we give them.

Multi OS

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For Windows

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For Linux

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For MacOS

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