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How to get a free domain name with a hosting plan

How to get a free domain name through the Control Panel

Getting a free domain name takes 3 easy steps - selecting the desired domain, and then a web hosting plan to accommodate it, and ordering the services online:

1. To take advantage of our free domain name offer, you should first open the Domains page on the NTC Hosting website. To do this, click on the Domain Names tab in the main navigation menu.

2. In the domain name section you will see a variety of domain options offered. In this example you need to click on the link titled Free Domain Name with Hosting Plan to see the available free domain name offers.

3. You are taken to the Free Domain Registration with Hosting page, offering a wealth of free domain name registration and free domain transfer services. The free domain offer applies to the most popular TLDs available online: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US and .BIZ. You can get a free domain name with almost all regular and free scripts optimized hosting plans offered on this site.

4. Next specify your free domain name choice in the Domain Name Check field. Make sure to not include the TLD part when specifying your desired domain name. After that select the preferred TLD for your domain from the drop-down menu. Click on GO to check if the desired domain name is available for registration or transfer.

The search results coming up will show a zero price for the top most popular TLDs. All those domains will come free of charge with your web hosting plan.

5. To select a certain domain name from the search results list, simply tick off its corresponding checkbox.

You may need to pay a certain fee if only you wish to set ID protection to your domain. With this service you will have your domain registration details hidden from the public eye. To set ID protection to your domain - simply mark the Whois Protect checkbox right under the selected domain name.

6. As soon us you are ready with your selection of a domain name - click on the Sign-up button.

7. You will be sent to our sign-up page where you need to select the type of a web hosting plan that will accommodate your domain name and specify your account details.

7.1. First specify your hosting account username. You should think of a memorable username to access your hosting account. This is a one-off choice since the username cannot be modified after sign-up.

7.2. Next select the billing period for your hosting account - either an annual subscription, or a monthly billing cycle.

7.3. The next option you have is to select the web hosting plan that you wish to use your free domain name with.

A free domain name offer is included in the Value, Plus and Exclusive web hosting plans offered on this site and all free-script optimized offers: the Joomla, the E-learning, the WordPress and the 4images hosting plans. Upon selecting your preferred hosting plan, you will see the 1-year free domain name registration or transfer service listed as a key plan feature.

7.4. Next select the currency in which you wish to pay for the hosting service. This will be US dollars, British pounds, Euro, AU or CA dollars.

7.5. Then select the data center where your sites will be hosted.

7.6. After filling out your account information you will need to select your preferred payment method. Please note that by placing the order you will automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions.

7.7. Next click on the Continue button to proceed to the billing information page, where you should submit your credit card details.

7.8. Finally, click on Submit Payment to submit the transaction and get your free domain name with a web hosting plan.

Now you know how to easily get a free domain name registration or free domain transfer with a low-cost web hosting plan.