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How to insert data in a MySQL database

How to insert data in a MySQL database table - overview

Inserting data in a MySQL table is very easy and only takes 3 simple steps. Let's see what exactly you should do:

1. First, you will need to log into your personal Web Hosting Control Panel. To do this, click on the Control Panel log-in section and enter your log-in details. Then click the 'Login' button to open the Control Panel index page.

2. In the Control Panel you should navigate to the MySQL Databases section and then click on the 'MySQL Databases' icon, located in the Site Management section.

3. Once in the MySQL Databases management panel - click on the name of a MySQL database or on its corresponding phpMyAdmin icon to open the phpMyAdmin tool.

3.1. In the phpMyAdmin interface you should select your database from the 'Database drop-down' list. After that select the particular table that you wish to be inserting data in.

3.2. Then enter the 'Insert' section of the database management panel where you will be able to execute all necessary insert-data operations. 

3.3. In the 'Insert' section of the phpMyAdmin interface you can fill in all values that need to be inserted in the selected database table. Simply specify each necessary value in the 'Value' box corresponding to a certain table row field.

In our video tutorial movie we have a Phonebook table and we are inputting the phone number, the first name, the last name and the address values in the 'Value' fields, each one of them corresponding to a particular table row field.

3.4. Once you have finished inputting your data you should click on the 'GO' button to submit your query. This will generate for you a summary of all inputs you have made through a MySQL query. 

As you can see - the results panel shows that you have inserted data in just one row of the table. You can also see the names of the row fields filled with data and their corresponding values.

Now you know how to insert data in a MySQL database table in a few quick steps.