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1-click Web Applications Installer

There was a time when you needed technical skills or an expensive third party web design & development services to have your own fully functional website.

But now with the help of various open-source web applications distributed online for free you could have your own website with just a few clicks.

These scripts are based on the most advanced web hosting technologies and are backed up by communities of developers and testers who guarantee they are kept bug-free and up-to-date all the time.

Even so to get your script up and running, you will still need to download it first and then do some basic installation & configuration work online.

But our powerful 1-click Web Applications Installer tool will save you all of this time and effort, by doing this in just a click! No need to download or install anything.

The tool offers a huge selection of over 40 PHP scripts presented to you in separate categories.

These include blogs like WordPress, forums like phpBB3, web galleries like 4images, and CMSes like Joomla etc.

It's easy, select the script you want, give your site a name and click the install button, and then leave the rest to the 1-click Web Applications Installer.

For Joomla, WordPress, Moodle and 4images scripts, we offer attractive free templates that you can apply to your newly installed sites with just a click.

With the 1-click Web Applications Installer, your new site will be ready to hit the web quicker than you can brew a cup of coffee!

With our user-friendly Admin Panel, you will be able to fill your site with contents like text, images and even video.

You can also directly contact the script's vendor site to check for new releases and script templates and even ask for assistance.

You can find many useful the tool included as a free bonus with each of our shared web hosting packages, including the free scripts optimized specialized plans - Joomla, Moodle, WordPress and 4images, and our general use plans for both newbies and webmasters - Budget, Value, Exclusive, Plus.

So, hurry up, get your new site online now, and show the world your personal or business profile.

With NTC hosting you can get your script pre-installed for you online while you are still on the order form!

We make it so easy for you, simply select a script, choose a hosting plan, supply some more details and then click the order button. And that's it – you are ready to go.

Sign up today and you will be amazed just how easy we make having your very own website.