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How to upload and unzip files through your Control Panel

How to upload a file

How to extract an archive

How to upload and unzip files from your Control Panel

This can be done in simple 3-simple steps.

1. To access the File Manager you need to first log into your web hosting Control Panel. Use the Control Panel log-in link to open the login page. Now enter your login details in the members area login form. These are your username and your password. Hit the Login button to jump straight to your Control Panel.

2. In the File Manager click the Browse button to select the file you need to upload. In this example we use a zipped version of Joomla, which has already been donwloaded from the web.

3. Select the Unpack archive after upload option to unzip the Joomla package into the destination folder.

3.1. To start the upload process you will need to press the Upload File(s) button. A black pop-up window will inform you of the current file/folder upload status.

You will see the total size of the uploaded file. The percentage of what has been uploaded is displayed by a red progress bar.

3.2. As soon as the upload and unpack process completes, click the OK button to exit the upload screen.

3.3. You can continue your work while the upload-and-unzip process is running. To do that, simply close the upload screen. This will not affect the process in any way. Thus, you can do some other important work on your website until the files are uploaded and unzipped in full.

After the upload-and-unzip process is completed you will be able to see the newly uploaded Joomla files package in the File Manager index listing.

Now you know how to upload and unpack files through the File Manager of your Control Panel.