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Register or Transfer .IDV.TW Domains

.IDV.TW is what you might call the standard TLD for personal website based in Taiwan.

And for many people, NTC Hosting is also the standard choice to register or transfer their .IDV.TW domain name.

As many social networking sites impose a wide range of restrictions on their users, more and more people around the world are look to personal websites to share their views with the world.

Taiwan is a global hub for advanced IT & computing technology, and is an excellent platform to associate your personal website with, especially if you are a blogger or you have a forum connected with computers or technology. This region will help to instill confidence and recognition for your site.

So, if you meet the criteria required by the .TW registry, and verify your identity by email, NTC Hosting can quickly and easily register and transfer a .IDV.TW domain for website.

With NTC Hosting our user friendly domain wizard will help you can get your .IDV.TW domain registered from 1 to 10 years.

Your .IDV.TW domain comes with multiple domain control options such as an Edit Whois information option, a Custom DNS records interface and a .IDV.TW parked domains service, etc.

With NTC Hosting you can get the .IDV.TW domain name you want today, so sign up now, and make sure you don't miss out.