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Register or Transfer .SE Domain Names

.SE is the official domain extension for Sweden, a very well know and popular country within Europe.

Sweden is one of the leading cultural and economic powers in Europe.

So, if you are a company, or an organization, an individual with economic, political or cultural relations to Sweden, choosing a .SE domain for your web presence will help you quickly make a name on the Swedish market.

Today anyone can register a .SE domain the supported registration period is one year, and the domains can contain letters found in the Swedish language.

The .SE domain has one major advantage over most of the top-level domain names it offers your web address and site a security guarantee at the first level.

.SE was the first TLD to deploy DNSSEC in the root zone, meaning that every domain registered under .SE will offer integrity and security for the contained information.

You can register a .SE name with a few clicks and join the .SE community today by using the quick domain registration with NTC Hosting.

Simply choose a domain name and we'll register it (for 1 year) or arrange its transfer for you within minutes.

All your domains will be managed from inside our point & click Domain Manager tool offering a variety of useful control options.

You will be able to edit your domain's Whois info and name servers, to set custom DNS records, to make use of unlimited parked domains, etc.

So sign up today and get your .SE Domain with NTC Hosting, thanks for watching.