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Ecommerce Web Hosting

If you own a high street store or business and you want to expand your customer base, the web is definitely the place to go.

An online store website can give you some valuable extra business, and don't forget - being online provides 24/7 access to your products and services.

Today, any type of business can be found online, and with NTC Hosting you can kickstart your own store on a limited budget and without needing any technical skills.

So where do you start from? All you need is an e-shop application and a reliable ecommerce hosting service.

NTC Hosting packages are offering you all the online resources you need to start and manage your e-business running at an affordable price.

Here you will find a ready-made installation of an all-inclusive free ecommerce solution (osCommerce or OSCommRes), an SSL Certificate Generator for making your order pages secure, a set of effective Marketing Tools for optimizing your store pages, detailed website statistics for keeping track of your site visits, and of course, all the features that your site will need to exist like generous amounts of disk space and traffic, domains, email accounts, databases, etc.

Simply select the package that will be able to accommodate your future e-shop.

Then specify the e-commerce script you want to use - osCommerce or OSCommRes.

Through some other sites, these scripts are usually not that easy to configure, but with our 1-click script installation tool, not only do we make it simple, we also save you up to $120 USD in script setup costs.

Both scripts come with a wide selection of templates and settings, offering ease of use to the inexperienced user and advanced options for those who want them.

Next, select a domain for your store like your-store.com, so that your customers can easily find you. With most of NTC Hosting's hosting plans, you will get a free domain registration as a bonus.

So, once you have the web hosting plan, the e-commerce script and the store domain selected, and the rest of the order filled out, you will gain immediate access to your e-commerce application and will be able to quickly adjust it your own particular store demands. So sign up today.

No matter what your line of business is, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start taking advantage of these amazing and cost-effective plans.

We guarantee that your stores will be available 99.9% of your subscription time with us and will gladly buy the shared web hosting plan back should you feel we are not delivering on our service quality promise.