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PHP Web Hosting

A successfully website attracts repeat visitors by having new, fresh and constantly updated content.

Using the PHP scripting language, whether directly or through ready-to-use web applications, you can build and maintain database-driven sites in no time!

With its ability to embed into an HTML code and ease of connecting to a MySQL database, PHP is the king of dynamic content.

Making PHP hosting support essential for your all your projects.

All of the NTC Hosting web hosting packages offer a high quality PHP/MySQL hosting solution.

Our servers are configured to ensure maximum performance for your PHP-based applications and the non-interruptible functioning of your database-driven websites.

You can switch between older, but proven, PHP version, and the current stable PHP releases or to the upcoming new version, with just a mouse click.

The latter one will allow you to fine tune your scripts to the most advanced PHP release before it is officially released!!

Another special bonus is the option to easily configure PHP according to your specific needs by means of a custom php.ini file, integrated into our PHP web hosting plans.

Also, with each hosting plan you will get our special 1-click PHP Installer tool.

It will allow you to set up various popular PHP based web applications like blogs, forums, e-commerce stores, web galleries, etc. in a click of the mouse.

All of these PHP features and tools are integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel with each of our plans.

There we have also added a MySQL manager with all plans, and a PostgreSQL Manager, with the Value, Plus and Exclusive plans for easy integration of your PHP applications with their underlying databases.

Other crucial tools integrated into the Control Panel include: point-and-click domain, email, file and FTP managers.

This means that from the NTC Hosting Control Panel you can easily manage all of your PHP and non-PHP sites and applications, in a user-friendly interface.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee means you have no excuses for not signing up for our exceptional service.

So sign up today - it only takes a few minutes, and you can take your time to test your PHP applications with our servers and check out our amazing 99.9% server uptime guarantee.