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Core FTP

One of the main reasons why users are so capable of managing their online presence today is the possibility to perform real-time file transfers between their local computers and remote host servers over the Internet. Using the growing capabilities of the FTP software tools available online, users are just a drag-and-drop action away from moving their website copy to a host server of their choice to get it going online.

Core FTP Sofware

One of the most popular and efficiency proven FTP tools on the Internet is Core FTP LE - open for business, personal and educational use.

Core FTP represents a free FTP program dedicated to offering Windows users the possibility to update and maintain their website via FTP in a fast, easy, reliable way. In addition, the tool ensures a secure method for uploading or downloading files to and from one FTP server to another (thanks to the integrated support for SSL, TLS, or SFTP).

Core FTP LE Open-source FREE Visit Download

Core FTP - list of features

The free Core FTP client offers an irresistible set of file manipulation features that make it as close to the well-known standard Windows user interface as possible such as drag and drop support, file viewing & editing and browser integration. In addition, the tool supports site-to-site transfers, filters, auto-transfer, bandwidth control and many more.

Core FTP Pro

Advanced users will be surprised to discover a wide range of innovative FTP options offered by the paid alternative of the tool - Core FTP Pro. The advanced FTP client supports encryption and decryption of files, file compression, password protection and backup, thumbnail view of remote directories, the possibility for scheduled FTP transfers, just to mention a few. All in all, the tool gives webmasters the chance to fulfil their current and future FTP client needs at a very reasonable price.

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