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FTP Software

What is an FTP Software application?

Making use of the power of FTP as a popular file exchange protocol is possible through specialized FTP software applications with easy to navigate interfaces allowing users to upload and download files from an FTP server in seconds. The usability of the FTP software available on the Internet makes it possible even for inexperienced users to perform file transfer operations with the ease and confidence of webmasters.

There is a great variety of FTP software programs, both paid and free, that can be used for establishing instant connections with hosting servers. It's also worth mentioning that browsers like Internet Explorer have an in-built FTP function, enabling IE users to access the corresponding FTP host server without having to deal with any other specific software.

The information that the users need to specify to trigger the FTP software program they have chosen is the name of the server the file transfer connection is to be established with and the username and password that give them access to that particular server.

FTP software for you website

The FTP connection is the most preferred way for data transfer from one PC to another PC. Most webmasters not only use FTP connections for transferring a whole website from their computer to a web hosting server, but they also integrate FTP functionality into their websites in order to allow their customers to upload pictures and other files. There are a great number of web-based FTP clients which can be easily integrated into a website. Also, many open-source content management systems, e-commerce solutions, etc. come with an FTP client integrated in their code. One of the FTP-equipped CMSs is Joomla, which can be installed easily using NTC Hosting's 1-click free PHP scripts installer tool, or by purchasing a Joomla hosting plan.

Multi OS

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FileZilla Open-source FREE Visit Download
FireFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
cURL Open-source FREE Visit Download
CrossFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
JFTP Private PAID Visit Download
CrossFTP Pro Private PAID Visit Download

For Windows

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FTP Surfer Open-source FREE Visit Download
Core FTP LE Open-source FREE Visit Download
i.FTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
SmartFTP Private PAID Visit Download
CuteFTP Private PAID Visit $10 OFF
FTP Voyager Private FREE Visit Download

For Linux

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FtpCube Open-source FREE Visit Download
gFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download

For MacOS

Program Type Price Homepage Download
Cyberduck Open-source FREE Visit Download
Fugu Open-source FREE Visit Download
Fetch Open-source PAID Visit Download
FTP Client Private PAID Visit Download
ForkLift Private PAID Visit Download