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Free FTP Software

With the recent rapid development of the open source solutions, the potentialities of the Internet have become more accessible to the average user than ever. Today, almost all of the fundamental capabilities and features of the web can be taken advantage of via free, user-friendly alternatives to the popular paid software solutions.

Open source FTP Software

The free FTP software tools that have flooded the net in recent years are a very illustrative example of how the open source applications offer users the chance to take full advantage of what the web has to offer at absolutely no cost. As is the case with the FTP tools, more popular as FTP clients, whereby both novices and professionals can harness the power of the File Transfer Protocolto make quick connections between two separate computers. This is necessary whenever they need to publish certain web pages online by uploading their files to the corresponding host server or when they wish to download multi-media files from the Internet.

Due to the fact that they have been created on an open-source basis, the free FTP Software programs are usually backed up by a community of developers and supporters who dedicate their time and efforts to monitoring the tools' performance, keeping them in a good security shape and providing friendly support to users worldwide through the respective community forums.

Compare Free FTP Software

Most of the free FTP clients distributed on the Internet boast a user-friendly interface resembling the file manipulation environment of the particular OS they are intended for. The most popular of them include Core FTP LE, FTP Surfer and i.FTP for Windows, FtpCube and gFTP for Linux, Cyberduck and Fugu for MacOS, and multi-functional clients like FileZilla, FireFTP and CrossFTP that support all three major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux) simultaneously.

A comparison table of the 10 most used Free FTP Software programs

Software Windows Linux OSX FTP Secure FTP FTP over SSL FXP Compression Command Line
CuteFTP (free version)
Cross FTP