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The wide variety of FTP software programs available on the Internet today is giving users the opportunity to perform the necessary FTP connections for uploading or downloading files via an interface that matches their requirements to the maximum.

Browser-like FTP Software

The general practice shows that the FTP clients with browser-like web interface are being most often used and are preferred by the users. Just like typing the address of a website in the browser to access the matching website over the HTTP network protocol, users need to specify the address of the FTP server that they wish to connect in the FTPProgram's host address/server field.

FTPPro FTP client

One of the most popular browser-type FTP client tools, FTPPro, boasts the look and feel of the Windows Internet Explorer, which makes it widely accessible to users. It supports all IE functions with an added FTP option. The file migration operations from users' local computers to remote servers are executed with simple drag-and-drop actions. There are no complicated multi-step data transfers typical of the majority of the FTP Programs. FTPPro is so intuitive and flexible that you can minimize it at any time to take care of other tasks on your schedule list while file transfers are taking place.

There is an advanced version of FTPPro, used for transferring files to and from zip archives, named 1st Choice Zip. It is characterized by the same Internet Explorer-like interface and allows all of the files/folders contained in any directory in the user's local computer to be drag-and-dropped to any zip archive within seconds.

FTPPro Open-source FREE Visit Download

Other Windows FTP clients

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FTP Surfer Open-source FREE Visit Download
Core FTP LE Open-source FREE Visit Download
i.FTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
SmartFTP Private PAID Visit Download
CuteFTP Private PAID Visit $10 OFF
FTP Voyager Private FREE Visit Download