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File Manager

Web technologies have developed toward a more user-friendly direction. Thanks to the variety of usable File Manager tools available on the web today, now every user with basic-level technical skills can handle file manipulation – one of the basic web development operations, with ease. Featuring a truly intuitive interface, the File Manager solution offers users a very good alternative to the FTP client as a widely popular professional-level data transfer tool.

What is a File Manager?

Technically speaking, a file manager represents a computer program for working with any file formats. The majority of File Manager tools offered on the web today share one basic feature in common – they have all been set up to offer users an intuitive file manipulation environment. It allows for a truly easy organization of files into separate folders and achieving a hierarchically ordered file system.

File Manager advantages

Through a web-based File Manager interface each user is enabled to carry out a wide range of file manipulation operations – to create, edit, rename, move, copy, delete, print files. In addition, users can access any type of files by performing view, open, play, print, etc. operations. Apart from regular file management operations, the File Manager tool also allows you to change permissions for certain files with just a few clicks.

How to use a File Manager?

Working with files is remarkably easy when using an appropriate File Manager solution. For instance, the File Manager tool developed in-house by NTC Hosting represents a browser-inspired file management interface, where you will have the chance to control your files in-depth with simple click actions, as if you are going from one web page to another.

A File Manager with all NTC Hosting plans

The NTC Hosting file management tool offers a truly simple layout with many on-the-fly options. For your greatest convenience, the tool's interface is equipped with supplementary options such as file/folder search fields, an option to sort your files by domain/subdomain, a disk space usage indicator, etc. The best of all is that the File Manager is integrated into a web hosting Control Panel for the overall management of your web presence.