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If you are plannning to run or are running a resource-consuming web presence, you will need to search for a web hosting provider that offers multiple resources, including domains, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

Why multiple web resources?

It is a typical characteristic of the contemporary man to be always striving to get the most of life. Brought up with the material society values we have been able to see most of our wishes come true, for example, to posses all the toy cars or doll models found in the shops, etc. So, the desire to always have multiple things at hand has become an important part of our pursuit to get a decent life. However, because of physical limitations it's just not possible to keep the number of our material possessions grow limitless.

In contrast to real life, the virtual environment is far less limited capacity wise and you can spread out your possessions as wide as you need or want. To ensure that all the conditions for your web presence grow without limitations, you need to search for a web hosting service that offers a good amount of resources, including domains, sites, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

Multiple Domains:

Having a multiple domain option at hand you will have the possibility to have various different websites located in one and the same place. This will save you lots of time and efforts in managing them. If your host offers multiple domains as a feature, this may mean two things – that you will be able to register/transfer as many domains as you wish in your account, or that you will have the option to host multiple separate sites in one hosting account.

The first 'multiple domain' option can also be found found as 'multiple domain registrations' or 'multiple domain name registrations', etc. Registering multiple domains means that you can register or transfer many domains to your account, which does not include the hosting service itself, i.e. you will only have the web addresses, with no possibilities to set up sites for them. If, however, the second option is offered as well, you will be able to create a site for any new domain registered or transferred. This option can also be found as 'multiple hosted domains', 'multiple domains hosted', 'multiple websites', 'multiple sites', etc.

If your host gives you multiple hosted domains but only a few domain registrations, then you will not be able to make use of that service in full. So, mind to always check with your host whether the two options match in quantity and if not, to ask them whether there is a possibility to upgrade any of the offered default quotas.

Multiple Databases

Running a dynamic website is a guarantee to your success online. Since SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL solutions) are the backend technology for dynamic websites, the type and quantity of the databases included must be one of the key features to take into account when choosing your web hosting plan. If your plan includes multiple databases, then you have a good chance to run many dynamic operations (like online forms, online transactions) within a site or manage various separate dynamic sites from your account. Mind to also pay attention to the database quota offered with the plan, since your database will need space to grow with the expansion of your website(s). Luckily, most hosts offer a database-number and database-quota upgrade, so you can always ask for more if running out of resources.

Multiple Emails

Despite all the new communication methods appearing recently, email is still considered as a main method of running written correspondence, especially in the business sphere, where the accuracy of the transferred information if of highest importance. To run a large-scale email communication with your friends, partners or customers, you need to search for a hosting plan with multiple email addresses, mailing lists, anti-spam filters, etc. The more of them you get with your plan, the more possibilities you will have to set a flexible email service for all your sites. Also important is the limit of emails you will be able to send from your email accounts for a certain period of time, as defined by your host.

Multiple FTP Accounts

For a smooth and trouble-free communication with the server where your websites are located you will need to make sure that your host offers multiple FTP account options, as well. Having the possibility to set up multiple independent FTP accounts will allow you to assign different FTP server access rights to many users simultaneously, so that that they do not interfere with each other when connecting with the server where all your projects are located.

Multiple Languages

If you are from a non-English speaking country, you will definitely need to find a host that offers a multi-lingual hosting service. Make sure the hosting plans your potential host offers come with a multi-lingual Control Panel, including your language, as well. Even if the host whose services you like does not list your language as an option for the Control Panel, get in touch with their customer service team and ask whether they are planning to implement it soon.

Multiple server resources with NTC Hosting

If you have not found your multiple server hosting resources provider yet, you may like to consider the advanced hosting plans by NTC Hosting. The Plus Hosting and the Exclusive Hosting plans are equipped with multiple web resources (domains, subdomains, email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, etc.) guaranteeing the smooth growth of your online presence. Also, each plan comes with a multi-lingual Control Panel, available to you in more than 15 languages.