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Register or Transfer .COM.AU Domain Names

.COM.AU is becoming a very popular domain today and you can get yours now with NTC Hosting.

.COM.AU is one of the top TLDs in the English Speaking Domain market.

Many Australian based companies and organizations use this native Australian TLD for their sites, because it gives greater recognition among the local visitors and reinforces their Australian identity on the international market.

While it is not possible to register Australian TLDs at the first level (eg your-domain-name.au), you can choose between two widely marketed options .COM.AU and .NET.AU.

They can be registered by anyone who wants to directly associate their online presence with the Australian market.

The domain can be registered for 2 years at a time. No other registration periods are supported.

The domain does not have a lock option and can be transferred between registrars using an EPP transfer protection key.

Registering your unique .COM.AU domain name with NTC Hosting or transferring your existing one is a breeze.

Our domain registration wizard functionality will help you easily find the domain you want and will take you through the quick registration or transfer steps at sign up.

With the point and click manager integrated into our Web Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to edit your domains' Whois information and name servers, set custom DNS records, parked domains and set URL redirection and more, within ease.

.COM.AU is new to the TLD market so registering now gives you more chance to get the domain name you want. So sign up now and get your website online with NTC Hosting.