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Register or Transfer .COM Domain Names

Originally designed for commercially oriented websites .COM , short for commercial, is the most widely used and recognized domain extension on the Internet today.

Tо many users, it is still the first choice when creating a website name.

Today, the popularity of TLD's has changed so much that bidding for already registered and well ranking .COM domains can reach amazingly high prices, and has now turned into a very profitable business.

Registering your .COM domain name from 1-10 years is almost instant.

Simply fill in your desired .COM variant in the domain search field and click the 'Search' button, and follow the instructions on screen.

We can also transfer a .COM domain for you, meaning that if you have an existing name registered somewhere else you will be able to transfer it over to your account with NTC hosting.

Our Domain Manager gives you full DNS Management, edit name servers, register NS records, Custom DNS records, and registrar lock options etc.

You will also be able to edit your domain's Whois information and shield them through an ID protection option.

You will also be able to reserve attractive .COM domains and advertise them for selling online by means of custom domain parking pages, with the help of the parked domains option.

We also have a very special offer for you, if you get your .COM domain with one of our web hosting plans, then the domain registration or transfer and renewal will be absolutely free.

So hurry up and get your .COM domain today with NTC Hosting, before someone else does it!