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MySQL Database Storage

Thanks to its proven reliability and speed of performance MySQL is a preferred database software solution for both regular and embedded Web applications running on UNIX, Windows and Mac OS. It is just as good for use by averagely loaded websites as is by traffic-intensive web portals.

The scale of your online demands defines the number of MySQL databases you need for your website(s), as well as the exact MySQL database storage quota to accommodate their contents/data inputs.

What is MySQL Database Storage?

Just like regular disk storage quota, the MySQL database storage quota is measured in megabytes or gigabytes and may vary in quantity as defined by hosting providers. Generally, within the offering of a hosting provider the MySQL database storage amount is increased with the increase of the basic parameters (disk space, monthly traffic) and the number of included databases. This allows for each hosting plan configuration to offer basic resource quotas that are proportionate to the growing online demands of the users.

How to choose your MySQL Database Storage quota?

The exact MySQL database storage amount you need for your online presence is highly dependent on what portion of your information will be stored in databases i.e. what part of you website content will be dynamic. Even if you do not manage to precisely estimate the MySQL database quota you need for your websites and start running out of MySQL database space, you will be usually given the chance to obtain additional quota or upgrade to a bigger plan whenever necessary.

MySQL Database Storage quota with NTC Hosting

For instance, the hosting plans offered on this page offer MySQL databases and MySQL database storage quotas harmonized with the basic resource quotas for every specific configuration and growing proportionately with the plans’ gradation. You will be able to upgrade your database quota at any time from the web hosting Control Panel, where a MySQL database management interface - phpMyAdmin, is integrated too.