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The possibility for Internet users to transfer files between different computers is vital for the effective management of their online presence. Through the power of the File Transfer Protocol they can freely move files from their computers to a distant host server or vice versa with simple file manipulation actions such as clicking and drag-and-dropping.

What is Web FTP

The FTP functionality is accessible to all users online through special web-based FTP clients. The Web FTP refers to an user-friendly online software tools for quick, easy and simultaneous file manipulation.

Why to use Web FTP?

The web FTP software distributed on the Internet empowers users to access the web hosting servers where their websites are located from their personal computers through a web interface in real time. Thus they can perform crucial website management operations such as uploading the files of their newly created web pages onto the Internet within seconds and updating automatically any recently modified files. Another common use typical for the web FTP clients is the downloading of certain files (multi-media files such as videos, MP3s) from certain websites or directories on the web.

The complete administration of your homepage is in your hands with a reliable web FTP client at hand. For more information on choosing a reliable FTP software tool, read our FTP client article.

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