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Users can perform multiple file transfer operations over the Internet with FTP clients - the special user-interface programs allowing them to realize the potential of the File Transfer Protocol. FTP clients are most commonly used for migrating data from users' local computers to certain servers on the Internet and vice versa, also known as file upload and file download, respectively.

SmartFTP - FTP client software

One of the most widely used FTP program tools on the Internet is SmartFTP - a powerful tool dedicated to ensuring secure, reliable and efficient data transfers. What has boosted the popularity of the SmartFTP FTP client is its availability in both basic and advanced modes so as to serve variously skilled users. The tool is notorious for offering a wide range of crucial file manipulation actions such as website publishing and maintenance, upload/download of various text and multi-media formats (images, videos, audio files), easy file sharing and backup of local/remote files.

Like every other advanced intensively used software SmartFTP is being regularly updated with new useful features to be always in tune with the evolving online demands. The latest releases of the tool include important introductions such as a secured connection to SFTP through SSH and many visual innovations like thumbnail views of remote files on the server. Users now can receive email notifications to their personal email address about successful/failed transfers.

SmartFTP Private PAID Visit Download

After a decade of free open-source distribution, Smart FTP is now offered commercially as a fully featured FTP client pack. The FTP client's authors are focused on taking its functionality and usability to new heights with constant update releases and useful add-ons.

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