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FTP Download

What is an FTP download?

Underlying the migration of information between computers in the form of files, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows users to quickly move data from one machine to another within a secure environment. With the help of special widely accessible FTP software programs, users can perform both upload and download actions, such as transferring the files of a future website from the designer's computer to the hosting server where the site will be located (file upload), or moving certain multi-media files from the Internet to users' personal computers (file download).

Regular Internet users browsing through the web on a daily basis often need to use the download function of FTP even without realizing it. The most common FTP download cases are when users download any kinds of audio and video files from certain rich-media content websites.

Uploading/downloading files over the Internet is executed through special FTP clients available to users in the form of both free and paid software. The most commonly used of them are the open-source FTP client tools which are distributed online as free applications offering user-friendly design and highest levels of security through regular updates. Users can download the FTP clients of their choice from the clients' respective websites on the Internet. Besides coming at no charge, the free FTP clients boast large supporting communities ready to provide users with assistance in using their client at any time.

Embedding FTP Download links in HTTP websites is a common practice. Because of the major benefits that the FTP protocol offers in comparison to the HTTP download, many sites, file hosting providers and even media streaming portals provide FTP download links. Also, the major free software download sites and most download mirrors are FTP based.

Actually, because all modern browsers have an inbuilt FTP client, most of the Internet users don't even realize that they are using an FTP download link. The browser automatically connects to the FTP server by using its embedded FTP client and proceeds with the download.

Sometimes the server doesn't allow an unauthorized login. In such cases the browser will pop up a dialog box and ask you to fill FTP account details (username and password) in order to establish a secure connection to the FTP server.

NTC Hosting allows its users to create a number of FTP accounts for their clients. While the number of the FTP accounts depends on the selected web hosting plan, all our customers are allowed to create websites with FTP links in them, and also to utilize FTP connections for file transfer purposes in Joomla, PHPBB and osCommerce. For security reasons, our premium FTP hosting service does not provide anonymous logins and disallows unauthorized usage, which keeps your files safe. Also, by providing different FTP accounts to different groups of users, you can point them to different parts of your website’s content.

Multi OS

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FileZilla Open-source FREE Visit Download
FireFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
cURL Open-source FREE Visit Download
CrossFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
JFTP Private PAID Visit Download
CrossFTP Pro Private PAID Visit Download

For Windows

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FTP Surfer Open-source FREE Visit Download
Core FTP LE Open-source FREE Visit Download
i.FTP Open-source FREE Visit Download
SmartFTP Private PAID Visit Download
CuteFTP Private PAID Visit $10 OFF
FTP Voyager Private FREE Visit Download

For Linux

Program Type Price Homepage Download
FtpCube Open-source FREE Visit Download
gFTP Open-source FREE Visit Download

For MacOS

Program Type Price Homepage Download
Cyberduck Open-source FREE Visit Download
Fugu Open-source FREE Visit Download
Fetch Open-source PAID Visit Download
FTP Client Private PAID Visit Download
ForkLift Private PAID Visit Download